After a few months of the trial using Hi-Silk 21 Koi food, we have seen the significant changes of our fishes. Therefore, we will explain our review about this Japanese made koi food which has been established for more than 25 years. During the trial period, we mixed the Hi-Silk 21 with Saki Hikari Wheat Germ and Saki Hikari Color Enhancer. Improvements can also be seen from the quality of the skin after the second week of this treatment. These are the lists of the outstanding improvements that we found :

  • the size and shape of the body
  • color developments
  • the skin is cleaner and shiny
  • sumi and beni get thicker
  • body scale looks better

Hi-Silk 21

From the point that we stated above, Hi-Silk helps the development of the body growth (size and shape). Hi-Silk was developed by Mr. Kawaguchi of Kawaguchi Shoten Co., Ltd and Mr. Mamoru Kodama, author of Kokugyo books and founder of Kodama Koi Farm about more than 25 years ago. The Innovation they created was by adding silkworm pupae to the koi pood. The silkworm itself was provided by Mr. Kawaguchi.

Silkworms contain a prominent amount of protein that dissolves into amino acid when consumed by koi fish. The amino acid will be distributed back to the body as protein. The amino acid structure of silkworm pupae is very close to that of Koi. So, the conversion rate of the food into nutrients is very high. Other than silkworm pupae, silk powder in the food will enhance the Koi’s skin’s white ground to become whiter which is similar to Wheat Germ. This is the reason silkworm pupae are known as the best growth food for Koi. This is the picture of the body improvement of one fish from our pond :

As you can see from the picture, the body of this Showa becomes wider and bulkier after a few months of using Hi-Silk 21 and the skin quality of the fish improves as much as the body. Our rate for Hi-Silk 21 is 9.5 out of 10


Image result for Hi Silk

Hi-Silk 21.


Saki Hikari (Wheat Germ & Color Enhancer)

Saki Hikari is one of the famous Koi Food Brand that is used by many Koi Farmers around the world. During our experiment, the products that we used from Saki Hikari are Wheat Germ and Color Enhancer.  Saki Hikari Wheat Germ is made using Garlic and Brewer’s Yeast that supports the immune system and helps to whiten the skin. Another benefit of Hikari Saki Wheat Germ is that the food can easily digested by Koi so it keeps the digestive system healthy. Improvement of our fish that we see from using Hikari Saki Wheat Germ is that the skin gets whiter and when combined with Color Enhancer makes your Koi looks a lot better. Saki Hikari Color Enhancer works perfectly in the development of our fishes skin color. The increment brightness of the skin color can be seen after just a few weeks of treatment. Moreover, it gives a beautiful shine to our Koi Fish. These Koi Food are worth trying! Our rate for Saki Hikari Wheat Germ is 9.0 out of 10 and for Saki Hikari Color Enhancer is 8.5 out of 10. 


                 Saki Hikari Wheat Germ

Saki Hikari Color Enhancer


That’s all about Hi-Silk 21 and Saki Hikari Wheat Germ & Color Enhancer in our opinion and in what we have been experienced. We will make another review about the other koi food later, so stay updated to our blog posts. Comment below if you have any suggestion about the koi food brand that you want us to review.




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