Started from our owner’s hobby and eagerness to keep beautiful Koi fish at his garden pond, we keep continuing to take care of Koi Fish and breed them. Later on, we decided to build a greenhouse, more pond, and other facilities in order to preserve more fish and give a good maintenance as well. The owner’s obsession about art is giving an impact to how we take care of our Koi Fish and we know the importance of making our customer satisfied.

At Ben’s Koi Farm we bred beautiful and finest Koi Carp (Nishikigoi). We have green house which become our small koi farm and also an office in the capital city of Indonesia, South Jakarta to be exact.

We are focusing on breeding a number of varieties of our finest koi each year and use the facilities to maintain the quality of our fish. We also trade imported koi and domestic koi to fulfill our customer needs. Our vision is bringing beauty to customer’s pond and keeping the fish healthy.